The bell gets rung but the burning will go on!

Today I will have my last radiation treatment on my chest area and I will ring the bell to celebrate finishing 25 treatments.
Up until last week the treatment was pretty easy to handle. There has been no immediate discomfort from being ‘zapped,” but rather a cumulative effect of a worsening sunburn. Last week though the skin under my arm broke open. It is both more painful and a but gross. While there will be no more radiation, apparently the damage will continue to progress for around a week. 

That being said, today is indeed a time for celebrating!

Take that cancer cells!

Last week I met with my counselor and one of his questions was about what I expected to be thinking as poison was flowing into my veins. At the time I said I mostly expected to be trying to think about something else.

Die cancer cells, die!

Today was my first chemo treatment. I had an IV inserted and then two different drugs. So what did I actually think about? I spent most of my time colouring, but when I thought about the IV my primary thought was, “You’ve had free reign up until now but that is all over. Die cancer cells, die!”

My husband found the area busy and loud, but I enjoyed the fact that there were other people nearby and several offered advice, or to answer any questions I had. We talked about port locations and their pros and cons. I think I would have been more nervous if I had been alone in a room. The nurses were great and I had a nice reclining chair. All-in-all, not a bad first experience.

So 1 treatment down, 5 more to go for now.