Dress Down Friday/ Living the Dream

bitmoji-20180329115557If you had worked with me over the last ten years or so, you would know that I absolutely love casual days, or dress down Fridays!  Almost every Friday/ casual day I could be heard telling someone, or everyone, how good it felt and how much I wished we could just wear jeans and t-shirts every day!

Some people said that I would get tired of it, and I gave that some thought. I have now been eighteen months out of the classroom, and I can tell you that it didn’t get old! There are many things about having and dealing with cancer which are pretty awful!

One of the really annoying things is a whole new thought process when you have any aches, pains etc. Pre-cancer, if I woke up with a sore back I wondered if I had slept in some strange position. Now, while I know it could be the same, I wonder if it is a sign of cancer spreading or some new side-effect from medications. I have heard many of my fellow cancer patients comment about this as well. Trying to figure out what you need to tell the doctor and what is just everyday stuff. If you feel like you are getting a cold, or you cut yourself, you worry that you may get an infection.

For people with non-metastatic cancer, I have heard that this goes away after a while after being declared cancer free. I’m not sure if the fear that it will return ever truly goes away. It is important to have good things going on in your life, like time with friends and hobbies. Things that will take your mind off the negative side of things.

Wonder what I’m wearing today? Jeans and a t-shirt of course! Today I have my “dressy” black jeans on and a sweater over the t-shirt. That’s right, here I am living the dream!


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