Making the mould/ marking for radiation

If you remember, I earlier wrote about my marking appointment for breast radiation when I thought a body mould was going to be made and it turned out that they just used a support frame with measured placements for consistent positioning.

Last week I had an appointment for marking for radiation on my rib. Gone was the frame, and instead the bed was covered by a sort of cushion with a nylon cover. It was a bit like a semi-stuffed bean bag. Once they had me in the position they needed they sucked the air out of the bag and it gathered more closely around me and became rigid. It is now a mould of my body which I will lie in for treatments.

The best part of this is that when my treatments are over, they will let air back in, clean the surfaces, and hang it up to wait for the next patient. Brilliant, reusing the mould rather than breaking it!

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