Would you like a warm blanket?

I have now had 8 radiation treatments. Every day as we head into the treatment room, one of the technicians asks if I would like a warm blanket. It isn’t too cold in the room, but I always say yes. Who would turn down the comfort of such a wonderful warm hug?

The most obvious use of the blankets is to keep people warm. When people are in shock, or likely to experience shock they can really help. I have also seen them used a lot in the chemo room to warm up people’s arms when the nurses are having trouble getting a vein for the IV. In the OR where it is really cold I was wrapped in a warm blanket, I assume in part, to keep the shivering at bay until the anaesthetic takes effect. And in when my mother was in palliative care it was one of the only comforts we could offer her.

It seems like such an innocuous item, a white flannel sheet with blue stripes. But I say, all hail the heated hospital blanket!

2 thoughts on “Would you like a warm blanket?

  1. Do you remember when our WI donated money for a blanket warmer for the DECH? Money well spent. Dad loved the warm blankets during chemo, and he used to be there all day, from 9:00 to 5:00.

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