As the head spins

I had a couple unexpected calls recently. The first was from my surgeon’s office to say that they had the pathology report in just a week after the surgery. This is usually a couple of weeks so I was surprised to have results so quickly.

Thrn I had another surprise call. This time it was from the pharmacy which will be providing one of the two drugs for my hormone treatment, saying that they had been contacted to inform them that I would be starting treatment next week (which would have been last Thursday) the last I had heard was that this treatment was going to wait until after radiation was finished and poof, new plan!

Then I got a call for an appointment with the radiation oncologist for last Wednesday.

Spin forward…the pathology report was good in that there were clear margins and the cancer was removed, while iffy in terms of how much active cancer and pre-cancer that was present. Present in a jar though…no longer in me ☺

The radiation appointment got moved to Thursday. In the morning I had a teaching appointment for Vibrance and Letrozole and discovered that there had been an error and I really am waiting until post-radiation. Then in the afternoon, radiation appointment led to a booking for Monday for marking.

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