Peering out of the cave

cocoon-cathyFor the last week or so I have been firmly ensconced in a cave of my own making. Of course, given chemo and all, it is a well ventilated cave. Otherwise I would have had to break out and rebuild many times every day!

A combination of factors sent me for shelter, mostly under a blanket on my couch. Chemo #4 took a bit more out of me, I’m just starting to feel better almost a week later. I wasn’t really sick, just kind of dizzy and tired much of the time. Along with this there was the general stress of life and added to it, paperwork! The paperwork, forms for coverage, was particularly demoralizing because rather than focusing on being positive it required me to focus on my limitations. I am not a fan of limitations, as you may have gathered from my earlier posts.

After our 70+cm of snow yesterday, no I didn’t lift a shovel,  this morning I got up, had breakfast and walked 30 minutes on my treadmill. After that I hunkered down and got the stupid forms finished and poof, I could feel the light outside the cave calling me out. I haven’t wandered out very far yet, but I am enjoying the space and the sun!

One thought on “Peering out of the cave

  1. I sure appreciate how you keep us informed and allow us, in a small way, to feel like we are on this journey with you. Stay strong beautiful girl!


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