T minus 21 hours

20161206_162432_hdrThis time tomorrow I should be home from my first chemo treatment.  As I sit on my couch I am cuddled under a cozy electric throw. While writing this I am surrounded by…ok clutter mostly…but my Christmas tree is half decorated, a poinsettia and orchid from the church where I worked this past summer and flower arrangements from each of my brothers and their spouses. There are some new things on my tree this year. I have a couple of the ornaments my mother used to have on her tree, and I have a really nice new one from friends. I am feeling pretty spoiled for sure!

I am thinking about what I may want to do  when I get a  break of more than 3 weeks from treatment. I think there are some places I would like to go to visit, like Scotland, Newfoundland, and Canada’s northern territories. Of course, the first thing is to get through treatments, and so off we go!


2 thoughts on “T minus 21 hours

  1. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers and more so tomorrow. One of my students went through chemo and she actually found it gave her an appetite for Pizza Hut! You never know how your body will react to the treatments. I am sure God will be holding you tight all the way through it, lean on Him.


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