The end of the world as I know it, but I feel fine!

planaI will begin with apologies to R.E.M for using their lyric as the basis for my title and to readers for being a bit dramatic.

I know that the world isn’t about to end, but my life and future have certainly changed dramatically! The thing is that this change has really happened when I feel totally healthy (ok, other than a breast which is larger and hard with skin that feels like plastic).

I expect that I have taught my last day of my classes at the high school. It is like having retired without any of the planning or preparation. My expectation for this time of year? I had expected to be at work every weekday from 8:00 – 4:00, to be preparing Sunday services for three Sunday’s/month, and all the usual household activities.  Now, most of my days consist of chauffeuring my kids to and from university at their times of preference, waiting for, scheduling and going to have tests and appointments etc.

It is really surreal, especially when filling out forms about terminal illness. How can I have a terminal illness when I feel fine?

One thought on “The end of the world as I know it, but I feel fine!

  1. Our hallway will not be the same without you Cathy. I hope you will still be able to come out to Sushi Friday with us when you are feeling up to it. And on the days you don’t feel like coming out, we can get take out and eat in with you if you are up to a bunch of us at your house. If there are things you would like from your class I would be more than happy to help you pack up or pack up for you. Just say the word and I will be there. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in your blog posts. I am sure it helps keeping people informed of how you are doing without having to repeat it several times. Take care my friend and may God keep you feeling well in his loving arms.


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