Stop dropping shoes already!

You know that expression, waiting for the other shoe to drop? Well, I feel like it has been raining shoes over the last couple months, and today yet another.

Tom and I went to meet with the medical oncologist (the doctor who handles chemo). I had a few tests since my last appointment, and today there would be new, good or bad.

Today’s shoe, cancer has spread to a rib. That means it has metastasized, gone to other organs etc, and we are no longer looking at curing the cancer but staying ahead of it.

I have no quips, nor any deep insights today.

6 thoughts on “Stop dropping shoes already!

  1. Cathy, my heart is breaking for you, and as I write this with tears in my eyes, I also know that you are strong. I will be adding you to the prayer list at church this week and will continue praying for you every day.


  2. Dear Cathy,
    Only God can sustain you and your family through this time. My prayer is for you and your family to feel God’s sustaining and amazing grace needed for such time as this!!
    Keep you feet stadly planted before God – He will see you through (this is my hope).


  3. Hello from another BC gal from across the blogosphere. Know that it is less about the stage, and more about how your body responds to the treatments. Miracles do happen, and people have recovered from even late stage disease. May you be so blessed.


  4. Cathy, I have been praying for you and your family. I pray that God will hold you in His as a little bit tighter so you are able to feel His mighty presence. I believe in miracles and God’s infinite power. Hugs to you💕


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