Froot Loops and coffee

coloful-fruit-cereal-loops-bowl-43433240Some days when I enter the kitchen I automatically turn the kettle on for my morning mug of hot water and then get started on whatever healthy option I have at hand for breakfast. And some days, like today, I head straight to the coffee machine and the sugar cereal. Today’s cereal is Froot Loops, not only full of sugar but also a good amount of food dye!

So, as I pop a yellow loop into my mouth, an update. This has been a moderately busy week on the cancer diagnosis trail. Monday I had my blood test to check my creatinine level, if it is too high the kidney isn’t able to handle the chemo drugs properly. Tuesday we had a drive to another town for my husband. Yesterday I had my bone scan. A simple injection followed by 2 1/2 hour break and then a painless, noiseless scan. When I got home I had a call from my surgeon’s office to let me know that my lymph node biopsy had come back positive for cancer.

I must admit that I didn’t take the news very well, that is to say not very bravely. Much more of an “oh shit!” than an, “ok, we can handle this.” And then, what did I do? Yes, that’s right, I revisited the prognosis charts. I guess I hadn’t actually done this at the last step and was merrily going along with the idea of most people getting rid of the cancer for good, or at least 10 or more years. Not so, as it turns out, for stage III.

I had already heard that this was stage III, locally advanced, but missed the “Average 5-year survival with treatment” which my book says is 30 to 60%. Somehow, I had managed to miss this, or block it, earlier. The page is folded down by the surgeon and I’m sure she showed it to me when we met.

Enter Froot Loops and coffee this morning, and two boxes of Smarties (a Canadian candy) last night. I meet with my chemotherapy oncologist this afternoon and hopefully there will then be a plan of action to start beating back this stupid thing! Until then, have a Froot Loop on me!

One thought on “Froot Loops and coffee

  1. Some days Froot Loops is just what we need to get through the day. Maybe because for most of us in our 50’s, it reminds us of our childhood when sugary cereal was a novelty in our homes. These days it is a forbidden pleasure – all that sugar!!


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