No more bras?

I believe I mentioned earlier that humour is one of the ways many of us handle tough times. Please know that I do not actually take breast cancer lightly and that my experiences and thoughts are not meant in any way as judgement on others with this disease!

After my appointment with my family doctor it was time to share the news with my husband, children, and siblings. I would have given anything to be able to call my mum to talk about things, but that was no longer possible. I called my husband and he called our son. When I got home I told my daughters.

I pointed out to the girls that it wasn’t as if the breast was essential to survival. Having breastfed when they were babies, they were no longer of any practical use. We talked about how it was the most common form of breast cancer and that meant that doctors had tons of experience dealing with it. When we finished talking they went back downstairs.

Later on when they were both upstairs I said to them,  “At least I won’t have to wear a bra anymore!” They both broke out laughing. They looked at each other and said, “That’s the first thing we said to each other when we went downstairs!”

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