Heading to meet the radiation oncologist.

I have been working to catch this blog up to my present day, but today I am going to jump forward to today for a moment. Today I have an appointment with the doctor who will be my radiation oncologist. It seems odd to be meeting him first as it is my understanding at this point that I will be having chemo first.

There is a lot I don’t really understand about how the systems work, or what is regular timing. I was told by both my family doctor and my surgeon that things would be moving quickly and yet it has been a couple weeks and I am still not scheduled for all of the tests that have to be done before meeting the chemo oncologist. Knowing that it takes a week or more to get results from tests it is hard to imagine getting started attacking this thing before December. I lack perspective partly since I have not had any major health issues before.

Ok, so.I’m here in St John for my appointment. We were early so we went to the cafeteria for lunch. As we were walking past all the signs for radiation and cancer treatment I said to Tom, “I vote for a no-thank-you serving!” It is all just a little too real now!

The waiting room is nice and every other person has the same yellow wrist band I have. It isn’t a club I would have chosen for sure!

OK, the appointment is over. I’m glad I have written down a list of dates for all my appointments and tests so far as the doctor asked me for all of them. He went through that, did a breast exam and then went through things with us. He says it is T4 (Staging & Grading) which means I won’t qualify for the trial treatment which doesn’t irradiate under the arm. He agrees with my surgeon that he will be seeing me after chemo and surgery are done. He expects me to need 25 treatments which is 5 weeks of radiation each week day.

One thought on “Heading to meet the radiation oncologist.

  1. I am so sorry you have to go through this Cathy!!! I wish you the best of luck & will be praying for a speedy recovery for you. Take care of yourself Lorraine


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