The diagnosis is in

“You have breast cancer.”

These are the words I was expecting to hear from the doctor when I saw her 11 days later. They didn’t really illicit much of a reaction. She told me that I had both in-situ and invasive ductal carcinoma. She said that I was referred to a very good surgeon and that after surgery I would likely have radiation. She even gave me a copy of the lab reports.

Other than telling me the general plan, my doctor explained that I would be mostly in the hands of cancer experts for my treatment, but that she would be there for any other needs I had. She said I was a VIP and that if I needed anything I should call and they would get me in as soon as possible. I said, “Woo hoo, I’ve always wanted to be a VIP!” Humour and sarcasm are my default settings.

She told me she would have to rely on me to let her know how I was doing, because I was hard to read, and then she gave me a hug, “For this I give hugs.”


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